Takah Sushi (closed)

320 S. Mill St.
Aspen, Colorado 81611

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Aspen Sushi at Takah
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Fall 2016 Off-Season

closed permanently April 18th, 2015

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closed permanently April 18th, 2015


Closed Permanently April 18th, 2015.

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"I wanted to share this with everyone. I wrote this for the closing night at Takah. It was my way of trying to put into words what this amazing restaurant means to me. Thank you for an awesome run and a fantastic experience. Sasha


Thank you all for being here tonight. It is an honor to have served you and/or worked with you over the years. I would like to take a moment to honor this restaurant for what it has been in my life and perhaps in yours and all the people it has brought together over the years since 1981. I was 2.5 when my father started this restaurant. Who knew a crazy Jewish man from Chicago would begin the idea of sushi and raw fish in a tiny mountain town? And thanks to my fabulous mother, who took this idea and beginning and not knowing what she was doing made Takah Sushi a legend and a part of so many peoples lives.

I know that this place has a special meaning for all of you, otherwise you would not be here. Both locations are filled with stories, laughter, great food, friends, family, first timers for sushi, first dates, last dates, marriages, children and grandchildren and evening mourning for the losses. I don't even know how to put into words the scope of this place and a little family restaurant in Aspen. I guess I just want to take a moment to acknowledge what this restaurant has meant to me and how it has transformed my life and in a way, I hope to connect with you too.

I feel like Takah is a friend, a lover, a parent, a sibling, a sanctuary, a place to get drunk, a place to indulge, it is family and friends and really so much of my life. It is familiar and safe. And I am grateful for all that it has offered to me over the years. I have met great friends here. I have done my homework here. I have been sick from school here and watched tv till my Mom told me to go outside. I have assisted the staff with all their setup until I realized that it was going to be part of my job and then it was too late. I got arrested outside of the last one and barely remember the first time I got drunk off sake and could barely get off the old stools. Ted made me my first Long Island Ice Tea. Not sure if that was a good idea, but it sure tasted good.

I could keep on going and I know all of you have just as many stories. Thank you for being part of mine. I am sad to see this place close, but I am excited for all the new opportunities. I look forward to seeing you all in different places.I want to take one more moment to toast my father, George for his ballsy business sense and creative thinking. I would like to cheers my sister because I know how much this place means to her and I am sorry that she could not be here. Lastly I would like to cheers Casey, my mother, who worked so hard to make this place what it is and her commitment and dedication to an idea that was not even hers. She is the reason we are all here today and why we all have so many great stories, memories and moments in Takah Sushi. And one more....to all the wonderful employees and staff that worked hard and came and went through Takah and helped us create the magic of japanese food in aspen.Cheers to all of you for supporting us because in actuality we would not have stayed in business without you." -Sasha

"Imaging the very end of Takah has been very bittersweet as that last night comes ever closer. It has been such a large part of me and my family for at least half my life. I remember clearly at the beginning thinking maybe it would be a 5 year commitment. Surely no more than that. And now looking back on it all the ebbs and flows, ups and downs and arounds have defined my working life. The wonderful people I have met have woven themselves into the fabric of my life and memories whether they be employees past and present or my customers who have become friends. I salute you all and am forever grateful for your love and support. -Casey"

This Aspen Sushi Restaurant is an authentic Japanese dining experience. A large sushi menu is offered with nightly specials. Atomic shrimp, potstickers, miso soup, crispy duck, and whole crispy fish.Takah Sushi becomes a party throughout the season on Tuesday nights when Local Bands perform Live Music in the Bar for Takah Tuesday. Visit Takah Sushi's Facebook Page for event info.Chef Hank Richey /Matt Draper