Aspen, Colorado's local dining guide.

Aspen, Colorado's local dining guide.

Meatball Shack (Closed)

312 S. Mill St.
Aspen, Colorado 81611

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Italian Cuisine
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Meatball Shack (Closed) $$

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Permanently Closed


Permanently Closed March 31, 2016

Great food and drink the way it's meant to be. Serving fantastic meatball subs, housemade pasta, chops, fish and salads as well as gluten-free and vegetarian dishes, The Meatball Shack offers high quality food with all natural ingredients at a friendly price point.

Enjoy a lively atmosphere with cafe style outdoor dining patio and a warm wooden decor indoors, as well as a top-notch bar serving a variety of cocktails and an extensive selection of wines. Discover chef Eddie Biada's inspired cuisine, influenced heavily by the food and culture of his former home, Florence, Italy as well as by the wide range of other global culinary destinations he has had the privilege to visit.

Open for lunch and serving until late night.Great Sports Bar with 3 HD TV's & the NFL package.

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(970) 925-1349