Aspen, Colorado's local dining guide.

Aspen, Colorado's local dining guide.

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Andy Israel

Aspen & Detroit

February 9, 2013
We started with a beautiful portion of Yellow Fin Tuna with Black Trumpet Mushrooms, topped with a pear vanilla puree served with lavash. It was an awesome way to begin our meal and is highly recommended. We also shared Chef Club's famous Black Truffle and Artichoke en Papier which was fantastic. As if that were not enough to get our taste buds stimulated the executive chef insisted that we try the Roasted Butternut Squash Soup with a Jalapeno Doughnut. It was rich and delightful and the Jalapeno Doughnut is to die for. The Properly Butchered Rib Steak with Pommes frites melts in your mouth. The 28 day Prime dry-aged beef was prepared masterfully and it melted in our mouths. We also split a huge portion of Gulf Red Grouper with Hen-of-the-Woods Mushrooms, Tatsoi and Savory Creme Anglaise. We supplemented our meal with... read more on AspenSpin!