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525 E. Cooper Avenue
Aspen, Colorado 81611
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(970) 429-8284
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Dining at bb's

Restaurant Menus
bb's Dinner Menu
Cuisine:Al Fresco, Global, Modern American, Seafood, Vegetarian
Meals:Small Plates, Dinner, Late Night
Hours:Dinner 5:30-10pm, 7 days a week
Bar bb's 5:30-midnight, nightly
Off-Season:open Tue.-Sat. thru Spring 2013

Restaurant Description
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A new, dynamic bb's hits the night scene this winter. After three years as a successful breakfast, lunch, and dinner venue, the restaurant has transformed its format. The bb's team is putting all its energy into dinner service, offering 28 globally-inspired small plates as well as several traditional entrees. bb's is now open for dinner only.

The focus is on interesting, fun, and sophisticated evening dining. The small plates include a diversity of ingredients, influences, and intriguing flavors.
Executive Chef Katie Lorenzen-Smith serves up dishes such as Black Truffle Risotto Cake with shaved Brussels Sprouts, Truffled Lamb Meatballs, Citrus Pork Belly, Perogies 3 Ways, Green Papaya Salad, Kobe Beef Tartare, and Quinoa Sushi. The "Simply Prepared" single entree section offers several options, including Whole Roasted Bronzino, Grilled 14-oz. Ribeye, Roasted Half Chicken, and the 1 lb. Kobe Meatball.

Owner and local philanthropist Bruce Berger and his team are excited to bring this unique dining style to Aspen. "I love finding innovative ways to present food and to stimulate people's palates," says Berger. "The fun in a small plates format is that you can order something you might not normally try without being committed to a whole entree. You also can experience several different items."

The choice at bb's becomes not only what to eat, but how to dine-to share or not to share a variety of small plates or to choose a traditional entree.
Chef Katie is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu. As executive sous chef under Beau MacMillan of Elements, she was part of the 2006 team that defeated Bobby Flay on Iron Chef America.

Adjacent to bb's, Bar bb's, an elevated, sleek glass box overlooking downtown Aspen, is a great place to extend your evening. Enjoy handcrafted cocktail and a well-priced wine list, along with an extensive small plates menu. Bar bb's also opens onto an expansive patio.
Come see why bb's and Bar bb's are the places to B in Aspen!

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June 3, 2012
Overall Rating: *****
Dinner at BB's Kitchen, across Durant Avenue from the social hub that is Paradise Corner (as locals know it), was a pleasant surprise. I have only - and very frequently - done the brunch scene at BB's, so was excited to see what the dinner menu had to offer. I was not disappointed.

The menu is relatively small, but offers a dish for everyone, whether a pasta or poultry person, a fish fanatic, or a carnivore. Every dish on the menu, which is tweaked every other day during the off-season -just to play around and change it up, -as the waitress put it, is prepared with the freshest local and regional ingredients, and offers up a "farm to table" element. Impressively, the breads, pastas, and preserves are all made in house.

My dinner companion Shannon and I were promptly seated and well taken care of by an attentive waitress who patiently answered all of my questions regarding her favorite items (one of them being a prosciutto and melon appetizer served with almond crusted goat cheese) and, later, the various ingredients in our meal.

Soon after ordering, a plate of warm, buttery pretzel balls were brought to the table - a creative substitute for the traditional breadbasket. The port wine and cherry mustard that was served on the side perfectly complemented the saltiness of the pretzel.

Shannon and I were then served the appetizer we had ordered to share, a caprese-like dish consisting of fresh tomatoes, crostini, and creamy burrata drizzled with balsamic vinegar. The dish tasted like many capreses I've sampled before, but was still delicious. The rich burrata was a welcome change from the classic mozzarella.

After devouring the appetizer (simply labeled "burrata" on the menu), Shannon and I received our main courses - a roasted chicken for her and a Bronzini (Mediterranean sea bass) for myself. My Bronzini was perfection. The fish, prepared with lemon and dill, rested on caramelized fennel, juicy roasted tomatoes, and a delicious lemon butter sauce. I am not typically a fan of fennel, but the licorice-y taste was subtle, and the crunchiness of the vegetable was a wonderful complement to the suppleness of the fish. The tomatoes lent a rich, tart flavor, as did the citrus in the sauce. All in all, a fantastic fish dish.

Shannon's poultry dish was fairly basic but still flavorful. The moist roast chicken was served with a light sauce that included little crumbles of smoky pancetta. The plate was piled with fresh, fat asparagus and roasted potatoes. Both main course dishes were satisfying and delicious.

Then came dessert. I should have known we were in for it with a name like "Peanut Butter Bomb" In one word: Rich. But so, so yummy. The dessert, plenty for two people, was configured in a little tower of chocolatey goodness. A scoop of chocolate ice cream topped a sesame cookie crisp, which balanced atop the "bomb" aspect of the dessert. The bomb was a rich peanut butter mousse on top of a Kit Kat bar base, and then that was coated in a chocolate shell.

Needless to say, Shannon and I left with full bellies... and a chocolate-induced hangover.

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*Reviewer was hosted by BB's Kitchen
Aspen Restaurant Review by Sydney (Aspen, Colorado)

February 11, 2012
Overall Rating: *****
Best meal I've had in Aspen in a while. Food fresh, service excellant.
Aspen Restaurant Review by Jacqueline M (Basalt)

July 8, 2011
Overall Rating: *****
Such a nice night! We started with the charcuterie plate to share between the four of us. They cure their own meat and it was yummy! Three of us had the lamb - loved the roasted tomato raviolis - that basically made the plate. Also, we tried two desserts - the cheesecake (delish!) and the banana bread. The server was super accommodating and we sat on the patio during a rain storm and didn't get wet at all. GREAT night!!
Aspen Restaurant Review by Molly (Aspen)

June 2, 2011
Overall Rating: *****
A very nice addition to the Aspen restaurant & bar scene. They have a great patio with beautiful views of the mountain peaks and the Aspen cityscape (such as it is). The indoor bar/lounge is nice too. Our waitress was extremely nice and helpful. Good selection of wines by the glass. I would like to see more variety on the menu, however, including more robust salads and other vegetarian dishes.
Aspen Restaurant Review by Robert H H (Santa Monica)

January 22, 2011
Overall Rating: *****
A fantastic little restaurant with a great menu. I had the Salmon and Butternut Squash soup and both were excellent. The manager was kind enough to bless our table with complimentary desserts and all were delicious. Great service and a trendy atmosphere.
Aspen Restaurant Review by Amanda (Westminster, CO)

January 12, 2011
Overall Rating: *****
Love to try new places and I wasn't disappointed with BB's. I went for Breakfast as I have never found a place in Aspen I love. The whole experience was excellent – what I ordered was delicious (pulled pork, poached egg and salsa on an English muffin) and there was lots of other stuff that tempted me. The space is really nice & comfortable, casual but unique. Wish is was in town a few more days because I would definitely try lunch and dinner. I will be back! FYI – while food is great, they don't take themselves overly seriously as uniform was jeans, white button down, apron and Converse All Stars!
Aspen Restaurant Review by Bob A. (New York)