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Little Annie's Bar & Restaurant
512 E. Hyman Ave.
Aspen, Colorado 81611
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(970) 925-1098

Restaurant Menus
Little Annie's Lunch Menu
Little Annie's Dinner Menu
Cuisine:American, Happy Hour, Kid Friendly, Vegetarian
Meals:Lunch, Dinner
Hours:L 11am-5pm
D 5pm-close
Off-Season:closed till Dec. 1

Restaurant Description
Little Annie's Restaurant Specials, Happy Hour, News, Etc.

Daily Specials on Little Annie's Facebook.

This Aspen restaurant has been serving Aspen's best burger since 1972 making it the oldest consistently serving bar & restaurant in Aspen. A casual local's spot serving delicious, hearty, and well valued dishes like fresh blackened salmon, grilled ahi fillets, 16 oz prime rib dinner, elk, Colorado lamb, red trout, pasta dishes, reuben's, barbecued ribs and tasty & healthy salads. Casual family dining with emphasis on quality & homemade dishes, dressings, and desserts.

Featuring an extensive wine list and favorites beers like Fat Tire, Guinness, Stella, Ranger, with numerous other craft beers on tap.
5 T.Vs for your viewing pleasure in the bar.

$3.50 shot & beer special daily.
Happy Hour drink specials 3-6pm.

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Reviews of Little Annie's Bar & Restaurant


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June 20, 2012
Overall Rating: *****
Stepping into the quaint world of Little Annie's was like walking aboard an ancient sailing ship. Old wooden panels lined the wall, which led into a dark bar enclosed in a stained glass hallway. Various men and women huzzah'd towards the television, as their favorite baseball team racked up another home run. It was even complete with a maritime Barrel O' Popcorn.

We were met by a lively young woman who led us out of the Galleon into the main dining room. With various golf memorabilia, horse tack and mining tools lining the walls and ceiling, we felt as if we had entered a long-time Aspen local's living room. We sat down at a wooden table covered in a classic, red plaid table cloth. Our kind hostess handed us some menus and took our drink order. The atmosphere was quite different from the high-end Aspen vibe, it felt homey, familiar and relaxing, the sort of place locals gather for a beer, and an-hoc business meeting or a family feast. The menu was quite diverse, from home cooked Chili, to fillets of Salmon. I was in the eating mood so I chose the Chicken Fried Steak with fresh made mashed potatoes and the Vegetable du Jour for $22.95. My father went for seasonal cup of Gazpacho for $4.95, and a Reuben for $10.95. I admired the decor once more. The wagon-wheel chandeliers with mining lanterns, the framed golf tournament flags from all over the world, something about the place just made you feel at home.

The food arrived promptly with a smile from the waitress. The description of the Chicken Fried Steak on the menu ended with the parting words, "Serious Comfort Food". So it was. I generally stay away from high calorie food like this, however, every once and a while you just need some comfort. It was quite tasty. A nice crispy start, with a meaty, filling finish, I enjoyed the dish, and it was just large enough to not overpower, nor leave me too hungry. The mashed potatoes were fantastic, fresh and mashed in the kitchen, with homemade gravy. I wasn't the biggest fan of the Vegetable du Jour. They were good vegetables, fresh tasting, however it just interfered with the "manly meatiness" I was experiencing throughout the dish. My father's chilled Gazpacho was also fresh and tasty, perfect for a light, healthy meal on a hot summe's day. I didn't get the chance to try the Reuben, but my father seemed to enjoy it.

I really enjoyed my experience at Little Annie's. The atmosphere deserves a definitive 5/5. It felt like an incredibly comfortable hangout at a friend's house, with no cheesiness, and fit like an old pair of worn jeans. A good place to socialize with friends and just noisy enough to be inviting. Food was a little pricy compared to similar food elsewhere, but for the most part everything was quite reasonable, 4/5 on the pricing. The service was fast, friendly, and fun. The hostesses and waitresses had a great sense of humor, and it was enjoyable to be there. It seems to me that Little Annie's does not focus on cuisine per se, but enjoyable, filling meals while providing a really comfortable atmosphere and sense of what "Aspen Local" is all about. Of course, I haven't had time to try EVERYTHING on the menu, so perhaps there is some 5 Star food we didn't try. 4/5 on the food. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Little Annie's, and I hope to bring some buddies there to enjoy the Barrel O' Popcorn, and have a great time.

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Aspen Restaurant Review by Emery M. (Aspen, Colorado)

February 26, 2013
Overall Rating: *****
Ordered from work at the Innsbruck, as usual, and it never fails...the absolute best bacon cheeseburger and fries ever! So nice when I call for a go order, and treat our guests lovely after a day of traveling and they want something yummy and no fuss! That's why they are still here after all these years!
Aspen Restaurant Review by Laine (Aspen)

December 20, 2012
Overall Rating: ***

Aspen Restaurant Review by Henrique (Miami)

December 23, 2011
Overall Rating: *****
Little Annie's was our last stop of the night around 11. My husband kept saving that the place looked like a pizza joint with all the red and white checkerboard table clothes. Even though it was crowed and standing room only in places, (holiday weekend) we were able to get drinks quickly from the bar. A great place to get rowdy, but if you feel like talking, this might not be the best fit late night.
Aspen Restaurant Review by Heidi (Telluride, CO)

September 22, 2009
Overall Rating: ****
We were in Aspen for a long weekend and had Little Annie's recommended at our hotel. With a 4 year old, kid-friendly is essential. This place fitted the bill and was perfect. A little bit like the cow girl hall of fame in Santa Fe, it was loud, but not too much so. Decent burgers, good service and value for Aspen. If you've got kids - we'd highly recommend this casual eatery.
Aspen Restaurant Review by Richard W. (Denver, CO)

July 3, 2009
Overall Rating: ****
Bad waitress- she couldn't care, was rude, not nice at all.
Aspen Restaurant Review by D (Denver)

March 3, 2008
Overall Rating: *****
I remember the last time I went to Little Annie's Eating House. Over three years ago I entered the bar at 2:00 in the afternoon, well after the lunch rush. I had the urge for one of their excellent Rueben sandwiches. It came with fries. Horrible, double-dipped, dark brown, twice-cooked, greasy blistered wedges of surefire heartburn. No doubt, they were left stranded from the lunch hour and returned to the foul grease of the deep-fryer after sitting in the basket for who knows how long. Plus, the Rueben was cold inside, the cheese unmelted. In the past I'd spent enough money on booze and burgers at Annie's to be a stockholder.

The bartender was indifferent, while the chef sat at the end of the bar reading the paper. I vowed never to return.

That was until last Saturday night. Convinced by my friends to have dinner there before the Adrian Belew concert at the Belly Up, I reticently returned. We were greeted warmly by the waitstaff and hostess. After cocktails we were promptly seated at our table. Jane, the hostess treated us to appetizers. Fried shrimp and onion rings, they were piping hot and evidently the fryer was clean. After a little confusion in the crowded dining room, we were served a fine meal, by a waiter who aimed to please.

It's now safe to go back in the water.

Peace, Love and Doughnuts,
Aspen Restaurant Review by Francis L.