Aspen, Colorado's local dining guide.

Aspen, Colorado's local dining guide.

Syzygy (closed)

308 E Hopkins Avenue Aspen, Colorado 81612 (Downstairs) (F.K.A. La Cocina)

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Syzygy (closed) Closed

Fall 2016 Off-Season

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Syzygy Restaurant Specials, Happy Hour, News, Etc. Syzygy restaurant closed in the fall of 2013. This Aspen Restaurant's signature dishes include Elk Tenderloin, Vintage Beef, wild salmon, yellow-fin tuna, and Fois Gras accompanied by gentle piano sounds early in the evening to late-night jazz jam. Syzygy opened in it's new location at the start of the ski season of 09/10 on Aspen's restaurant row. Executive Chef Keith Theodore (970) 925-3700