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Aspen's Fresh Italian Pasta & Treats
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Francesca's Homemade Pasta (closed) $$

Fall 2016 Off-Season


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Closed Permanently


Italian cafe with freshly homemade Italian pasta for take away or to dine in. Cafe also serves coffee, espresso, pastries, etc. Homemade Pasta was born to provide Aspen with genuine freshly made ravioli "sorrentinos", italian panini, salads, cakes, and desserts. Enjoy an espresso coffee along with an "alfajor" (cookie filled with dulce de leche) and make a normal day seem a little bit more special. Eventually will evolve into a full on pasta market offering all varieties of pasta to go, fresh pasta ready to boil at home. Surprise your loved ones with a ravioli lunch or dinner. We love home made cakes, pastries, cupcakes, and desserts with our italian and argentinean influence. Share the love people!