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Aspen Brewery
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Poppycock's Restaurant
665 E. Cooper Ave.
Aspen, Colorado 81611
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(970) 925-1245
Breakfast in Aspen

Restaurant Menus
Poppycock's Breakfast Menu
Cuisine:Al Fresco, American, Bakery and Coffee, Kid Friendly, Vegetarian
Meals:Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch
Hours:B 7am-2:30pm Mon-Sat, till-2pm Sun
L 11:30am-
Off-Season:open 7am-2pm

Restaurant Description
This Aspen Restaurant is always buzzing for breakfast. "Open since 1971 and is one of the few places in Aspen that you can grab breakfast all day! We offer friendly and efficient service in a relaxed and casual atmosphere, where the whole family can enjoy great food at affordable prices. Poppycock's caters for all seasons, offering a cozy main dining area, a bar for people on the run and a newly added patio for customers to enjoy the Aspen ambiance with their furry friends."

Dog Friendly

Breakfast all day

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Reviews of Poppycock's Restaurant


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July 31, 2011
Overall Rating: *****
Corn Cakes and Pistachio Sausage, WHAT A TREAT. One of the best breakfast places I've eaten at this summer.
Aspen Restaurant Review by Rhonda (Scottsdale)

March 4, 2010
Overall Rating: *****
My last meal there wasn't 3/4/10, but we've been a million times. It's fantastic. Sadly, It's only opened for breakfast and lunch, but it's a great meal. We love the oatmeal buttermilk pancakes, the fruit smoothies, the homemade sausage patties... Really, you can't go wrong with anything there. And in Aspen, where so much is so expensive, this is one of the few "normally" priced restaurants. It's not huge, not gorgeous (but nicer and brighter than the previous location), but the service is friendly and the food is wonderful. We bring home bags of the pancake mix to make in between trips.
Aspen Restaurant Review by Danielle (Washington, DC)

December 2, 2009
Overall Rating: *****
Being a lifelong local, Poppycock's has always been my favorite breakfast restaurant. It's a Mom and Pop cafe with real Aspen flavor. The food is always fresh with original recipes. It's small, but that only adds to the family style feeling. Sitting at the bar is always fun because you get to meet new people and if their not busy, talk with the staff. Seeing the output this tiny and friendly restaurant makes is incredible. While my favorites include the #6 Smoothie, Manhattan Eggs, the Turkado, and any of the crepes, my all time favorite will always be the Mickey Mouse Pancake with blueberries in it! :)
This is a must visit spot for those who want a hearty and friendly breakfast while in Aspen!
Aspen Restaurant Review by Lauren (Aspen)

August 16, 2008
Overall Rating: ****
Poppycock's is open from 7 in the morning until 2 P.M. & serves breakfast all day as well as sandwiches, salads, combinations thereof, & home-made soup. My husband ordered the house specialty pancakes, oatmeal buttermilk. They were fabulous! I've also eaten the oat bran/apple pancakes and the cornmeal pancakes and it's a tough choice to make. All are wonderful. Poppycock's serves good, plain food and is an excellent place to bring children.
Aspen Restaurant Review by Carol B.

January 12, 2008
Overall Rating: ****
It's a bummer to see a negative review about Poppycock's. Granted it is small, can get crowded and the service can be spotty on occasion, but the food is always yummy. It's funny someone commented on the lack of ambience. This place is not about ambience and doesn't pretend to be -- it's about very casual breakfast and lunch. If you go with the right attitude, you'll enjoy it -- just don't expect Poppycock's to be a fine dining spot like so many other Aspen establishments. It's the opposite, a very basic cafe. The macadamia oatmeal pancakes, florentine eggs, smoothies and country pistachio sausage make this an annual favorite for a hearty breakfast. They've been around 34 years, they must be doing something right.
Aspen Restaurant Review by susanmcd123

January 5, 2008
Overall Rating: ***
this place sucks. it is very small and the food was awful in my opinion. also, the waiter didn't know what to do
Aspen Restaurant Review by sam