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Cache Cache
205 S Mill St. Plaza
Aspen, CO 81611
(Courtyard Level)
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(970) 925-3835

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Hours:6pm-close Nightly
Off-Season:closed Oct. 4 - Dec.

Restaurant Description
Cache Cache Restaurant Specials, News, Etc.

This Aspen Restaurant offers French American cuisine. Bistro dishes. Offering one of Aspen's most extensive wine lists.

"Cache Cache is operated by working Co-owners Jodi Larner and Chris Lanter. Jodi has been a partner in the business since 1989, two years after its doors opened in October of 1987. She has firmly established the clientele and attributes the success of the restaurant to these faithful patrons who have supported Cache Cache for so long. Their restaurant philosophy is based on an unrelenting emphasis on table service, wine service and the highest quality food which they have never sacrificed."

Bar menu, 1st come 1st serve bar seating. Large courtyard patio.

Chef Chris Lanter
Sous Chef Nathan King
Sommelier Alex Harvier

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Reviews of Cache Cache


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August 9, 2013
Overall Rating: *****
Always excellent!
Aspen Restaurant Review by Thomas Buckingham (Portland)

June 14, 2011
Overall Rating: ***
It was better years ago, unfortunately the redo of the interior is unimaginative and the French-style cuisine only adequate, overly priced and without flair. The outdoor dining is the one remaining attraction... and oh yes, the selection of wine. There are a number of newer and more exciting places to go now in Aspen, so Cache Cache is only one of many options.
Aspen Restaurant Review by A. Briancourt (London - Aspen)

December 27, 2009
Overall Rating: ****
Cache Cache is consistently the best restaurant in Aspen. The Osso Buco is the best I've had in the US. We have never in 15 years of dining there, we have never been disapointed
Aspen Restaurant Review by George F. (Aspen)

September 16, 2009
Overall Rating: ***
Cache Cache is in a small courtyard that has a couple of other restaurants and stores. It is not too big but there is outdoor seating. It is a trendy place full of mostly younger people seating close by. It is extremely noisy.
We went there on a Thursday night.
The menu is not small. The wine list big and the prix fixe menu a deal at $40. We had the prix fixe menu. The Caesar salad and the crab beignets were good. The lamb and the trout were OK. The sorbets and ice cream good.
The service was inattentive - I suppose a full restaurant clamoring for service can make it difficult to be attentive all the time everywhere.
Aspen Restaurant Review by Amikam R. (Seattle, WA)

March 25, 2009
Overall Rating: ****
The food is consistently good although there are never any specials. The bar is very lively and noisy and they are one of the few restaurants that serve dinner after 10:00!
Aspen Restaurant Review by Diane L. (baltimore, MD)

March 23, 2009
Overall Rating: ****
Cache Cache remodeled their bar area. It's very pretty. The menu has lots of good eats. The trout is especialy tasty, as are their crab cakes.
Aspen Restaurant Review by Royle F. (10+ Reviews) (Aspen, CO)

March 2, 2009
Overall Rating: ***
I've been in love with this restaurant for years, and it seems with the remodel this year that they've taken a turn for the worse. Expect amazing food, per usual, but if you're unhappy with anything, be prepared to be told its your own fault. I've eaten all over the world, and I live in Aspen. I've come to know and expect good service, especially in this town, and even then, I'm prepared to make concessions. But I've never been as livid leaving a restaurant as I was after dinner on Monday, after both the sommelier and the manager (or male hostess?) treated us with such casual and consistent disrespect. Life, or your vacation, is too short to have a night ruined in this way. I don't care if its second-string night on a Monday, I expect decent service every day. They are lucky they have some nice servers, bartenders, and chefs who work double-time making up for the failings from the top, because that's the only thing that keeps people coming back. Our friends have stopped going there for the bar menu after the ridiculous bar tables were put in, which make it somewhat impossible to dine. We did not heed their warning, and attempted to experience it for ourselves. Perhaps they forgot that their strong point was their food, and neglected to consider that people would wish to eat here? Our sommelier poured half a glass of wine on the table, which then caused the wine glass to slide off the tiny, below the knee, table. Apologies? Nope, she left the mess. We were told its our own failing for trying to eat in the bar instead of getting a table. Well here's news for you, Cache Cache: it's your fault for hiring rude staff and putting in pretty, but useless, tables (and I could say the same of some of the staff). Once, people would endure this nonsense to be part of the 'scene', but times have changed and the locals have moved on. Its a matter of time til the tourists follow. I have had so many wonderful dinners here (seated at the bar and in the restaurant) that I hesitate to be so judgmental. But if they must be rude and judgmental of the people who spend their money here, then I must warn others who might make the same mistake. Be certain of your seating, don't expect the niceties of good service, and be prepared to head to another restaurant afterward to make up for the bad taste in your mouth.
Aspen Restaurant Review by simpatico (Aspen, CO)

January 10, 2009
Overall Rating: ***
We visit Aspen at least twice per year. Cache Cache was once my favorite restaurant because they made amazing pasta sheets (i'm a vegetarian). In the last three years, they discontinued that dish from the menu leaving NO vegetarian appetizers or entrees. What's up with that? I expect a creative and delicious vegetarian option at every up scale restaurant. My sense is that they couldn't charge enough for vegetarian so they deleted it from the menu. Here's the funny part, when I asked the waiter for vegetarian options, he recommended a compilation of side dishes. Quinoa was one of the side dishes so i went for it. They brought out 4 sidedishes plopped on a serving tray - broccoli, spinach, quinoa, and something else not memorable. Lame. and not very tasty. So vegetarians, it's beet salad for you.

My biggest complaint about this place is the attitude. It has a bad vibe - very self-absorbed, judgemental, snobby feel. We've eaten in all the best restaurants in Aspen and this is the only place where the vibe is so unpleasantly self-important.

Cache Cache, how about some beauty on the inside?
Aspen Restaurant Review by BokBokBok (Colorado )

July 16, 2008
Overall Rating: ****
Excellent food.
Aspen Restaurant Review by Anonymous

April 3, 2007
Overall Rating: ****
I am still thinking longingly about how flat-out delicious this meal was.

The restaurant itself was a bit of a zoo, uppity people getting all bent that they they had to wait for tables, and a glance at the menu revealed that one could potentially blow a lot of money in a dining experience here. However, we had received the insider tip to just eat at the bar, which was a dramatically different beast.

The handful of high top tables were already full, so we bellied up to the bar. The bartender was slammed but still amazingly friendly, helpful, and eager to set us up with solidly poured glasses of wine. While the bar menu was small (about six entrees?) the prices were about a third of the price of the regular menu, which we had the option to order from as well. When our dishes arrived, both of us were blown away by how amazing everything tasted! The capellini with wild mushrooms, leeks and truffle oil literally did a little dance around my mouth, and my friend couldn't stop raving about her pork chops.

Leaving with full, happy bellies for only $14 a plate, in ASPEN? A memorable experience indeed.
Aspen Restaurant Review by Leslie R.