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Aspen Brewery
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Main Street Bakery
201 E. Main St.
Aspen, Colorado 81611
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(970) 925-6446

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Restaurant Menus
Main St. Bakery Breakfast Menu
Main St. Bakery Lunch Menu
Cuisine:Bakery and Coffee
Meals:Breakfast, Lunch
Hours:7am-4pm Daily
Off-Season:closed 1 week early Nov.

Restaurant Description
A locals favorite this Aspen Restaurant offers donuts, blueberry pancakes, mocha-chinos, cakes, breads, and pies. Hot and cold vegetarian entrees. Homemade soups daily. Beer and wine service. Cakes made for special occasions. Outdoor dining patio in summer.

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Reviews of Main Street Bakery


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October 31, 2011
Overall Rating: ***
I agree with Ritzy! I don't bash, just tell it like it is. I'm from a tourist service industry city..... Vegas, so! Here it goes,
the ambiance was nice, food ok, buser was nice n polite, server Kelly seemed overwhelmed; she didn't really have much personality, place seems to cater to locas more, and needs some cleaning of their ceiling fans etc...
Aspen Restaurant Review by dia (vegas)

May 14, 2011
Overall Rating: **
My husband and I had eaten breakfast at Main St. a few times before and come out pretty content. This morning, we decided we would love to have a weekend brunch in the sun so we headed to Main St. Upon arrival, though, we were told that despite their large patio complete with tables and umbrellas, they do not serve outside. We could order take-out and sit outside if we wished, but we would not get service. This was bewildering as they could easily double their profits that way, and clearly were set up to accommodate outside diners. We decided to go for the take-out. While placing our order inside, the staff seemed to find us in their way and brushed past us as if we weren't paying customers. After we placed our orders and paid (forcing us to tip before we had actually received our food or any service) we waited for our take-out, only to be disappointed. My husband's order was completely wrong, and the waitress seemed unsympathetic. She also told us it would only take about three or four minutes to correct the order; it took closer to fifteen. We did not receive any attention throughout our entire visit, even a refill for our water, which was somewhat begrudgingly supplied. Perhaps the most upsetting aspect was the fact that, though we were told they did not provide service outside, tables that arrived after us appeared to have friendly waitstaff who supplied them with real silverware (as opposed to our plastic cutlery) and let them order from their outdoors tables. The discrimination, or at the very least, inconsistency, was a shame, especially considering we are locals and have been customers there several times before. Overall, we were very disappointed with this visit, particularly because of our pleasant experiences before.
Aspen Restaurant Review by f.owen (Aspen, CO)

March 17, 2011
Overall Rating: **
Just left the Bakery. I arrived first $ sat at a community table. As my party arrived I ask for a table for 4 opening. The host/table busboy rudely declined my request. As he declined the next available table when my son requested. This host / table buser guy was Chumy with locals and basically ignored us.

On the menu it says "we treat tourists just like home folks". This guy had a scowl on his face the entire time and was very unfriendly and grouchy. We ended up eating in clumsy seating arrangements at the community table. Gave the waitress a great tip w a note asking she not share w this so called gentleman. Stay clear of this place
Aspen Restaurant Review by Rob G. (Dallas, TX)

December 11, 2010
Overall Rating: *****
Me and my husband went to Aspen this past December for my birthday. While there we ate all over but Main Street Bakery & Cafe really hit the spot for us.. We LOVED the food (best pancakes ever) and the service was very welcoming. Since our visit, the two of us have often talked about the fresh breads, cakes and pies. I wish there were a way to have a delivery sent here... Main Street Cafe will for sure be our only breakfast spot whenever we return to Aspen!!!!
Aspen Restaurant Review by Selena T. (Houston, TX )

July 2, 2010
Overall Rating: **

Aspen Restaurant Review by damian (basalt)

June 21, 2010
Overall Rating: ****
Visited on June 7th 2010. I found the prices rather high. About $13 or better for corned beef hash and eggs is too much. However this was the best corned beef hash I ever tasted an I picked the grits that also had to also be the best also and I am from the south. Very nice surroundings out on the patio. Service was great. If you like eating with people who have a good income (rich people) you will like this Place. Very good spot. As far as the bakery it was very reasonable and exceptionaly good.The scones are to die for and are as good as I have ever made myself. I highly recommend this spot.
Aspen Restaurant Review by Tom (Deland Fla. )

May 5, 2010
Overall Rating: *****
Beautiful biscuits with sausage gravy, perfectly done eggs, a seriously good cup of coffee. Good local hangout, wonderful baked goods.
Aspen Restaurant Review by Masprema (Woody Creek)

June 4, 2009
Overall Rating: *
Well, I was spending a few leisurely hours in Aspen and decided to lounge for some breakfast, et cetera. I figured I would order some eggs and such and even had a drink. Took it easy and slow for the day. The atmoshpere is not all that great, yet the best part of my review. The service was rushed. unfriendly, and callous, although I was blowing fifty bucks for a rather normal indulgence. Oh yea, that's right.......Aspen. The food was nothing spectacular, but i was hungry, so i went for it. Had a lot. Here's the divulging point. I went to the pastry case and viewed a brand new carrot cake. It looked elicious and i was told it was fresh. I told the waitress I would like a piece of it. In some time, a plate arrived with something that i did not quite recognize. Sure, it was some form of cake, I guess. I stuck my fork in it and it stood straight up. It was extremely hard. It was more stale than could ever be described. I kept the fork in its erictile position and summonsed the waitress and asked what this was. She confirmed the carrot cake. I asked if it was the carrot cake that i had just viewed. She confirmed it was. Well. I proceeded back to the pastry case and plainly observed the carrot cake had not been touched. It was still a whole cake. Then it was time to get the manager involved. I asked how this could happen. Remember, i had told the waitree, and showed her right at the case, that i would like a piece of that specific cake. Of course, she took no responsibility. Remember too, she served it to me. The manager pleaded ingnorance. Then I was told someone else had cut it. No matter how you look at it, the cake I was served was absolutely stale and definitively pathetic. Period. No apologied. No explanations. No remorse. Nothing to make up for it. Just the typical wise-ass waitree in Aspen with an attitude of pure selfishness and disrespect. I paid for it and have never returned. It's not just the money. It's the demeanor. It was deceptive and intentionally dishonest. That is not the kind of place i would ever, ever, ever frequent again. EVER! (Oh, by the way, this is a totally real review, and you may contact me if you like. I encourage it. I see there is concern about fake reviews and people from the various establishments posting phoney reviews. Somehow i believe these people are most capable of this sort of thing.)
Aspen Restaurant Review by RITZY (Boston)

January 12, 2009
Overall Rating: *****
Excellent breakfast in the last three days we have had eggs, pancakes, and egg sandwiches, It is a nice place with very friendly staff.
Aspen Restaurant Review by Mike B.