Aspen, Colorado's local dining guide.

Aspen, Colorado's local dining guide.

Prospect Terrace

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john Talbott


August 10, 2011
We arrived 8ish and without a reservation headed to my Dad's old haunt, the Jerome Hotel, now vastly improved from those days, to eat in the garden at a combined J-Bar/Garden Resto. It was a lovely evening, no better setting in which one could eat. Colette had the chicken chibata (aka sandwich, which as opposed to Jack Nicolson's in Five Easy Pieces, they were most happy to serve deconstructed) with fries and an heirloom tomato slice and sauted onions; she declared the chicken quite good. I had what I'd had last year, the spicy chicken wings, in homage to the Anchor Grill where my ex-classmate/colleague/friend introduced Calvin Trillan to them years ago; this year they were clearly raised on steroids, huge chunks of meat, delightfully peppery, accompanied with the traditional celery strips and Roquefort dressing. With a bottle of Chianti and no bottled water or coffee our bill (marked Jacob's Corner, yet another resto name) before tip was $64.31.